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Lou Barlow has a new solo record, and is promoting it by releasing some videos and a making-of documentary every week this month on Lootube.

Lou, of Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh, and the under-rated Folk Implosion has had a sedate and sometimes rocky solo career since the 90s (and has always been famously prickly in interviews) but since reforming Djr with J Mascis and touring with Sebadoh, the godfather of lowfi bedroom recording is setting out to prove he can still Indie™ Rockout as well as bring the melodrama (with a smirk).

In other news, his band with Ben Lee, Noise Addict, just released their snarky new album, "it was never about the audience" for free.

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Neat. Don't apologize sounds (and looks) good.
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Lou, if you ever read this, you've made my world a better place. And the tribute for Elliott Smith that you led at ATP Pacific 2003 was something I'll never forget.
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<3 Lou
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I have three Lou-Barlow-related anecdotes:

1) The band I was in around 1995-1996, when I left the band, soonafter got the slot opening for Sebadoh on their European tour. I don't regret leaving the band, but that was a bit of a cloud to the silver lining.

2) I remember seeing Sebadoh when Bubble & Scrape was released. Someone in the audience handed Lou Barlow a note halfway through the show, basically saying, "You aren't the only songwriter in the band." Lou got behind the drum kit after that, and the rest of the show was Eric's. (I liked Eric's songs better, truthfully. I was more into pre-Bubble & Scrape Sebadoh than post.)

3) My advisor in grad school was named Lew Barlow. He was elderly, and didn't know of the other Lou Barlow.
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Thank you for this.

Any mefites who don't know of Lou Barlow may like to know he has a very endearing thing for cats. One of my favorite songs of his is about a cat: nice fan video of Daykitty
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Just realized that's Imaad Wasif in the tent in that newest video. No wonder it sounds so dreamy, dude is a sick guitar player.
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I'll never forget Folk Implosion doing an incredibly rocking cover of Bob Seger's "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man" at the Troubadour around 10 years ago.
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I adore Lou. I wrote this on Mefi in 2004 in a thread about meeting famous people:

I went to see Sebadoh play and before the show saw Jason Loewenstein and Lou Barlow hanging out and selling tshirts and stuff. I was completely starstruck - I have ADORED them for years and years.

I stood off to the side of the merch table reciting over and over and over what I would say to Lou: "Hi, Lou, I'm Amy and I just want to tell you that your music has meant so much to me for so many years and I really appreciate you." Simple, I went over it like 500 times in my head.

What did I actually say to Lou? I can't recall verbatim but it was something like "Hi, uh, Lou....I, uh...I want to thank you....uh, for being awesome...and I've loved you forever...now you're old, and I'm old, and uh...thanks...I can't breathe."

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Huh. I was expecting more pee.
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Why do you cut off your sleeves?
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To be honest tristeza, I'm surprised he didn't bite your head off. I have heard lots of Lou-after-the-show stories where he spits white fire at people who over-praise him, which of course makes fans even more likely to be nervous going up to him. Like Elliot Smith, he seems to hate the public part of being a musician.
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Huh, back in like '95 I met him at a show at my college, and did the usual stammering-out of a line about how much I liked his music, and he was very gracious and gave me a (shockingly limp) handshake.
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Takin' inspiration from Hüsker Dü, it's a new generation of electric white boy blues
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I just came in here to say Pepsi Lou, but it's really not like that. Good post.
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Lou Barlow was the last man-with-just-an-acoustic-guitar I ever listened to.
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Started back in '93
Started seeing things a differently
And screamo wasn't doin' it for me no mo'
Started drinking tea...
Thought things sounded better slow
Much slower, quieter
Twee melody to sink this poseur's soul.

Magnetic Fields undeniably cool
Took a lesson from that Scottish school.
Manipulate fans, hack selfrighteous drool
Getting stuffy with the Arcade Fire
Cracking jokes like a Strokes or a Liars...
Peddle hopping like a Panda Bear, the guy, or...

Rock and Roll medium, neither right or wrong,
Milk that sound, meme your song.
Twitter buzzing before too long--
A+ in the Pitchfork Dot Com
Oooh artfags?
Man that's harsh...

Just gimme indie rock!
It's gone big
Come on indie rock
Just give me indie rock

Taking inspiration from Lou Barlow
It's a new generation
Of acoustic minstrel show
Come on indie rock
It's gone big
Come on indie rock
Just give me indie rock

Breaking down the barriers
Like Death Cab for Cutie
They got what they wanted
Maybe I can too, G!
Come on indie rock
It's gone big
Come on indie rock
Just give me indie rock

Time to knock
Nu-metal on it's side
Time to knock
The hiphop off its throne..
Time to amaze...
With the electro-pop..
Future Shock?
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To be honest tristeza, I'm surprised he didn't bite your head off.

Yah, he kinda gave me a look like "whatever, asshole" and said "Uh, thanks" and walked away. Then I talked to Jason who was totally cool and I actually managed not to be a complete ass.
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