An eyewitness to post-WWII Paris artists, and the women
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Author James Lord, who knew everyone, has died. He wrote about sitting for Alberto Giacometti, before he wrote Giacommeti’s biography. He spent some time with Dora Maar, a photographer and muse who died in 1997, and wrote a book about her entitled “Dora and Picasso” (ISBN 0880641622). [Dora Maar previously on metafilter.] Lord helped set up the Cezanne atelier in Aix en Provence. He knew many people - Arletty, Balthus, Cocteau, Maugham, Marie-Laure de Noailles, Ned Rorem, Leger, Misia Sert - and wrote about all of them in his books, including "Six exceptional women" [ISBN 0374265534] and "Some remarkable men." [ISBN-10: 0374266557].
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Thanks, goofyfoot ... that's quite a circle he was traveling in. Some good pointers for my reading list here, I've never read that Dora book and I will have to do so!

After reading his obit, I think I've found a new life's ambition: to live a giddy expatriate life surrounded by artists and aristocrats while socializing, buying art and traveling - and taking careful notes.
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I've only read his book about sitting for Giacometti, but I thought it was great. Thanks for the post.
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