What we're gonna do right here is go back...
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Join a young Jools Holland and Leslie Ash for a night out in NYC in the early 80's. Clubs visited include Danceteria, The Roxy (with Bambaata spinning) and Paradise Garage. Acts featured include Quando Quango, New Order and the Peech Boys. (SLYT)
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(Appropriate mood music.)
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Wow this is excellent, anyone got anymore of this sort of thing?
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Jesus, markkraft, I always knew Nina Hagen was scary but now I'm gonna have nightmares. And yes, more please!
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Yeah, Nina Hagen often has that look, like Anne Hathaway visited Annabella Lwin's stylist and said, "Punk me up, like you did twenty-five years ago," and then did a lot of coke while waiting for her hair dye to fix.

Choke on this, you Danceteria types!
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My Best Danceteria night evar: hanging out with New Order and going Danceteria to see some unknown guitarist playing on the fifth floor. Unknown guitarist turns out to be Chris Isaak.

I loved that place with it's narrow rickety stairwell and a different vibe on each floor. It has always been my dream to open a new version of it. That and Max's Kansas City. I was too young to ever go to Max's, but the stories I heard from my older friends back in the 80's always stuck with me.
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Do you know what song is playing from 11:34 onwards?
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dearsina: New Order, Confusion
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Wow, this is great. When you come to New York from elsewhere, you always miss the New York you never saw.
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"He's French, he's flash, he's..."
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Fantastic - thank you!
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I was trying to figure out what year it could be, because I remember there was a year when -- for about five minutes, lots of those Factory bands started to rock that shameful baggy shorts/military drab shirt look.

If you date it from the year that Confusion came out, it has to have been 1983, but I could have sworn it was earlier than that.
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This is amazing, it's practically the invention of post-modernism happening right there on the screen. It's made me realise that culture hasn't really moved on in my lifetime.
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