What is love?
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Bliss and Heaven, No man is an Island II, The Sweetest Embrace of All, Something To Love (partial), A Vicious Undertow. These are works from Jesper Just, a Danish video artist. He merges a performance and video art approach with the aesthetic sensibilities of film. He explores subjects such as gender roles, sexual identity, and interpersonal relationships. The stories are usually ambiguous, unresolved, and quite haunting.
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Baby, don't hurt me.
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Well, since no-one else has commented, I will. Bliss and Heaven is intense, but only if you watch the whole thing. Its one of those situations where I have seen it a dozen times, and I still can't quite explain why it has the impact it does. I was quite looking forward to hearing what others here might think about these when I posted them.
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Awesome, I found a complete version of Something To Love.
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Thanks for posting these. Very haunting.
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