Please Prepare For Landing
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1,512 high-resolution images of Mars from the viewpoint of an airplane passenger. Previous photos: 1 2 3
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It's a face!
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Nice pictures, but I was confused thinking these were taken by an airplane passenger from earth. I kept wondering how such a person could manage to bring the necessary equipment through security.
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The first page of thumbnails wasn't that exciting to me, but the pictures got much cooler further in. Thanks.
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It's a face!

Lord, why have you forsaken my tortilla?
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I can see my future spacedome from here!
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This one looks exactly like that place in the Badlands where the goddamn EDF has their airbase all tucked away, and you have to crawl over the ridge of the mountains and sneak up to plant the bombs, but of course they see you before you take three steps and the whole thing turns into a bloodbath of panicked sledgehammering and nano-dissassembling that gets you so pumped up you can't sleep and then you're late for work.

At least, that's what I've heard.
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I have had this tab open in my browser for like two days.
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I should have used this image as the first link instead. Kind of a greatest hits page.

Does anyone have 3D glasses lying around? I bet these anaglyph images would look really cool, too.
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That is totally cool! But if possible I would rather get the POV of an ex-Virginian having a rapier fight with an eight foot tall tusked four-armed green man on the deck of a disabled airship as it drifts aimlessly over the ochre dead sea bottoms, held aloft by the Eighth Barsoomian Ray. Can I see the remote for a second?
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That's on page 17 of the photos, third down from the top, on the far right.
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Hey msalt your post owns and those pics of Mars own.

It's unfortunate that posts like yours will get less than 20 comments while Sarah Palin post #482 will get 150+ comments, as will any post where wealthy straight white college kids fall all over themselves showing how they're really truly concerned about racism, sexism, homophobia, or whatever else they can bash out some keystrokes over to make themselves feel like they made a difference. Or any post about some right-wing commentator where all the MeFites only watched the commentator "ironically."

So here's my one comment to help out your post.
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Here's another to thank you. 16% increase in 20 minutes!
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