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Jon Klassen is an illustrator and designer, with a blog and a lovely website full of artwork, including The Miser (3:53, 2004, made with Kyle McQueen and Dan Rodrigues), An Eye for Annai (5:27, 2005, previously, also made with Dan Rodrigues, .MOV video link), an interpretation of a Mayan folktale (available in full in Flight vol 4, previously), The Adventures of Ship, a family art project, visual development and drawings for sets and props for the movie adaptation of Coraline (a couple previous), amongst other bits and bobs. Illustration Mundo had an interview with Klassen earlier this year.
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Note: I provided deep links to his artwork and direct links to the YouTube clips, because his whole site is framed with a navigation banner-thing and that made it tricky for providing handy links.
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Oh this is wonderful, and prints for sale! (just waiting for someone to point out the suspicious symmetry in the first illustration on his website)
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Hah. He has a thing for balancing his scenes, though that looks like a plain mirror of right and left.
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