Gutsy Gourmet
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Sure you like recipe websites, but do you ever wish they could have more auto-playing midis, exclamation points, all caps, and a charming disregard for political correctness? Filling this niche nicely is Gutsy Gourmet.

Written by possibly the most interesting man in the world, Buzz Baxter exuberantly shares his love for Armenian food, crabs, pasta, and so much more. Let your snark melt away and let Buzz "MENTALLY WHISK YOU TO THE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN OF THE RECIPES. THERE IS A CONSOLE ON THE PAGE WHERE YOU CAN OPT OUT FROM LISTENING TO THE MUSIC AT ALL IF YOU SO DESIRE."
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I thought this was the most interesting man in the world.
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This is some nostalgic shit. By which I mean, this looks a lot like the sites I used to visit when I was interested in Wicca in the early 90s only without all the spiderwebs and fairy icons.

Points for enthusiasm though, but deductions for "lo-fat".
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This is what happens when you let your stomach design your website.
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What I want in a recipe website is a place to scratch and smell and to scratch and taste. If I could use my touch screen to sample; that would be special.
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ok...the first page on the crab page has a freakin newspaper clipping on it. jeezus.
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The design might be a bit ancient, but he has a really impressive variety of hand-picked recipes. Plus, most of them look delicious. Nice post!
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It played Italian-restaurant-music at me when I went for the Italian recipes. I got scared.

(hold me?)
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Thank you, this is all kindsa wonderful. I love Dr. Buzz -- a guy who numbers his passions! That killed me. It's nice to remember that there exists a world of genuinely non-ironic straightforward sweet people who might not have all the right politics or correct thinking or articulating in place, but have much heart and soul. Keep winning the cancer fight, Doc.
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He's got you all fooled. He has taken irony to a whole new and sincere level.

though I would like to try some of those recipes
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How did I know that "Hava Nagila" was going to play on the Jewish recipe page? I must be psychic.
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NEIMAN-MARCUS $250.00 COOKIE RECIPE - Take it it's free because you are such a nice person!
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I first read this as "gusty gourmet" ...
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