Symphony of Sorrowful Songs
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Symphony No. 3 (Górecki), effectively used as background music, ostensibly promoting the philosophy of the Austrian School.

You can find the repeated mantra,

stick to principle,
depart from the crowd,
avoid the fashion,
and adhere to the truth,
no matter what

referenced here

Nicely produced YT video, nonetheless.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: This feels like a post trying to do two very different things in a way that doesn't make sense as a contribution to the front page. -- cortex

It's right-winger goldbug propaganda.
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That's a very peculiar hook upon which to hang this post. I can't really see where the music is the reason to watch this video, and I felt more tricked into watching it than appreciative of the video.

My appreciation for the Gorecki piece is long and deep and has nothing to do with colonial cosplayers marching in the streets or political screeds. It's a deep cry of grief which moved me to through tears of sorrow and into tears of enlightened joy when I first heard it. It continues to have deep impact for me, happily not soiled by this encounter with it.
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I too feel tricked. Rubbish.
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I hear the Horst Wessel Lied can be pretty, uh, inspiring, too.
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Ugh, what the fuck.
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