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An ever-growing treasure trove of magazine cover and advertising art from the Golden Age of American illustration. Check out wonderful covers from Theatre Magazine, Adventure Magazine, the Argosy, Photoplay, and Black Mask. Here's a scary cover from Laughter magazine, a strange and beautiful Life cover from 1887, and a copy of The Liberator that I dearly wish I could flip through. See also collections of great old ads for soap, cigarettes and books, among others. The intro page is here.
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Metafilter: Do you notice how sepulchral my voice is?
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I am SO there!
posted by ardgedee at 2:19 PM on September 9, 2009

I wish Taschen would put these into a book. A great big thick book. I'd buy it.
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Faze - check used bookstores. From the sixties through the eighties there were numerous paperbound and hardbound compilations made of this stuff.
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The internet really is a wonderful place today.
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They even have Hugo Gernsback's (one of the fathers of science fiction) Sexology: The Magazine of Sex Science.
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Rangeland Romance!
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Just fucking awesome collection. Thank you CunningLinquist!
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