World's Smallest Postal Service
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Lea Redmond is Postmaster of 'The World's Smallest Postal Service'. In CA she sets up her tiny shop and sends miniature versions of transcribed letters, complete with little wax seals.
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Comes with a magnifying glass. So awesome.

I don't know anyone I'd send one too, but I know someone (aged 8) who would love to *make* tiny letters and envelopes. And I bet he'd also love sealing wax, but maybe I'll leave that part out.
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Will she let you write your own letters? Because I can write that small - maybe smaller. It is much easier with a pencil, however - that she has written neatly with a pen is impressive.

(for a little while, my generally useless ability finally found a use - adding the donor and library information to a collection of rare tiny books - it was so much fun writing in about 6pt font).
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The Brontë kids would have loved this.
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My daughter, who once dressed as a mailbox for Halloween, had over ninety pen-pals, and left cookies for our mailman to find in the box she visited daily for the most recent treasures, would have loved this. Also, that roll-top desk looks remarkably similar to this . . .
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i have enough trouble with regular sized letters getting lost in the mail...
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Sometimes you just need some twee.
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And since they use so little paper, these letters help conserve twees, Ruthless Bunny.
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I got one for my wife earlier in the year. At first she thought I had made it, and said "WTF, I didn't know you could write this small!, what else can you do that I don't know about!?"
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And then you waggled your eyebrows suggestively, right? Right?
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That's twerrible, Wuthless Bunny
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ah, scratch that, I meant of course to direct that at fiewce cupcake

what's with all the (aggressive adjective) (twee noun)?

- Homicidal Kitten
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I am in a TINY bit of trouble.
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Everyone has a hobby, glad she found hers
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Very cute, and a very neat way of showing off her product/service. If I tried doing something like that, I'd feel like Ben Grimm trying to play the harpsichord, with my big mitts and all.
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I love the whimsy of some of her stuff, and it makes me happy that she's able to do it and share it with the world. (I feel like my own whimsy circuits have atrophied after too much time in the grownup working world, so it's nice to be reminded.)
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As I was reading that I was trying to think of something that would be less enjoyable/interesting to me... I failed.
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Well, Spaizy, I guess you're not the intended audience, then. There's something for everyone in this world.
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Clearly. I meant no offense, in case any was taken...
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Why did I immediately think of Virgania Horsen's Pony Express?
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