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Great free lectures online from the School of Information at Berkeley. The lectures are from 2007 to the present and include (among many others):

The School of Information "is a graduate education and research community that crosses the boundaries of law, economics, sociology, business, library science, engineering, design, publishing, linguistics, computer science, and information science."
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thanks ocherdraco. this post makes me love both mefi and the internet.
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Carl Malamud is a powerful force for transparency and open-ness in America. The effects of his (and his colleagues') efforts will resonate for decades to come. I truly believe that we can't appreciate fully just yet the impact of the access to the public data that he works so hard to provide.

If other citizens of other nations can take anything away from Malamud and begin to force their own governments towards more transparency, it will mean a better future for many.
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Wow, thanks, this is a great thing to wake up to find.
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Thanks ocherdraco, the Estrin lecture looks interesting.
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You know, I actually need a longer commute.
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I think this is the first time "internets" has been used as a legitimate word.
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Thank you for posting this!
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I'm taking a class currently that specifically talked about Jenkins on the second day of class, and at greath length. We also discussed "meta-information" just yesterday and it made me think of MeFi :) Thanks for this, I will have to pass it along to my professor.
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Now THAT'S a good favorites-to-comments ratio.
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Very cool. I'm going to have a listen while I'm working!
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