Washed Out
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Director Neil Krug takes 70's inspired washed out photos. He directed Ladytron's Tomorrow video and is releasing "Pulp Art Book", a collaboration with model Joni Harbeck using expired Polaroid film. His upcoming movie "Invisible Pyramid", equally nostalgic looking material, is about two girls "escaping the loss of a loved one in search for an answer to their ambivalence". Ernest Greene is uninvolved, but he puts out the perfect accompanying music under the moniker Washed Out.

Neil is also producing White Flight's "Children of the Light" video. The last of the polaroid film is due to expire next month, and the Impossible Project (previously) is working (with Urban Outfitters) on having something out by 2010. Some interviews of Krug reveal his travel and methods. Alexandra Valenti produces similar work as Krug.
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Fantastic post. Gorgeous stuff.

This is one of my favorite styles of photography and the music is currently my favorite genre.
That Washed Out EP is pretty fantastic tho I would say my favorite of the chillwave/glofi crop has to be Memory Tapes. I've been listening to Seek Magic like crazy the last couple weeks.

He has a blog here: http://weirdtapes.blogspot.com/
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I absolutely love this.
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Krug' s work looks good. It reminds me of Mark Borthwick.
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Oh man, Youtube comment FTW for once:
I'm really happy for you, and imma let you finish, but Ladytron's Tomorrow video was the best´╗┐ video this year!
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A really interesting take on this whole movement...

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People who are not into this post and thread are bad people :(
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Washed Out is great! Reminds me of Vitesse in some way.
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Neat post, cashman.

For those of you playing along at home, this site offers to give the vintage Polaroid treatment to your digital photos. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks fun.
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fantastic !
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Sounds like italo-disco re-recorded on a vcr. Not that that's a bad thing. As for the photos, I've seen them around and thought they were actually from the 70s. I guess we haven't run out of past yet.
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