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Wikirunner is a linux/windows game based on wikipedian tag created by Doches as an entry in Mini Ludum Dare 12. (about ludum dare)
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For those too lazy to check the last link: ludum dare entries are impressive because they're developed from scratch in 48 hours.
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An interesting, challenging variant on several Wikipedia games (referring to Wikipedia tag itself).
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I eagerly await further versions. This is awesome.
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I'm kind of amazed that there hasn't been a Ludum Dare post until now!

I strongly encourage any programmer out there to enter Ludum Dare. It's a ton of fun.

The next one is in December. But before then, the entrants suggest themes that games must adhere to and then, starting two weeks before the competition, vote on those suggestions. There is also some community element to Ludum Dare- they have a few strange traditions, so it pays to visit the site a little before the start of the competition to get to know the territory.
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