New street signs have been proposed for New York City
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New street signs have been proposed for New York City in an effort to make that city a safer place for its residents.
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On the one hand, I love it when creativity can be used for social justice purposes, but it's hard to say you love something when the reason behind it is so dark.

When we were discussing earlier the evils of the LAPD (I think this is a perfect example of why the NYPD holds their own in the EVIL POLICE STATE competition), I said I thought that the reason people rioted for Rodney King and not the Rampart Scandal was personalization and immediacy, but we had both of those here. Perhaps the reason is more pressure-valve related. Has the anger and frustration just not had a chance to build back up to explosive levels yet? Will we still be seeing this sort of thing in 10 years, and will that be enough time to set the stage for another violent explosion?

If extensive media focus isn't enough to prevent this, what is? We already have cops on cams - do we need to broadcast their feeds unedited on the net so that they are accountable to the entire world for their actions? Maybe the police recruitment division needs to bring in some marketing people, so that we can stop recruiting from the same pool as the gangs and hate groups. Whoops, gotta go, there's someone at the do

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There's a good summary at the site of previous victims of NYPD brutality.
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