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StarShipSofa (previously) celebrates it's 100th issue as a podcast science fiction magazine with StarShipSofa Stories volume 1, an anthology of stories previously podcasted by StarShipSofa, available either as a POD book from Lulu or as a free e-book download, featuring the likes of Michael Moorcock, Peter Watts, Gene Wolfe, Joe R Lansdale, Alastair Reynolds, and Elizabeth Bear.
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I love their stories. Perfect for long drives or long runs. Another great (free) Science Fiction podcaster out there is Escape Pod.
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Nice to see the Sofa on the blue!
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cognitive speedbump
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Thanks, Mr. 0 posts. You arealmost worth the oxygen you consume.
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Frequently great content, and I am amazed at the material Tony Smith has gotten permission to podcast over the years, though he really gets on my nerves sometimes when he rambles on too long, laughs a little too crazily, or claims for the hundredth time that he would have done so much better in school if he's just had [the person reading the current podcast's science fact essay] for a teacher instead of the dry old jerks he did have. But this is one of the few podcasts I am subscribed to that I actually keep up with.
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he rambles on too long,

I had to take a sabbatical after one too many dog stories. Just dip back in now when it's an author I really fancy reading / hearing.

Though the awards specials he's done have been awesome. First time I've ever read / heard all the entries for the Hugo etc.
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