Magazines as Fabric
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Artist/Designer Ilisha Helfman makes clothes for her custom made paper dolls every week from the cover of the New York Times Magazine.
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Beautiful, thanks for posting
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You did not mention that she has started narrating the entries as episodes of Project Runway.
“Designers, you’ve worked very hard on this challenge. I’m very excited with what I’ve seen in this room.”

“Thanks Tim.”
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Loving the whimsy. The commentary certainly made it for me, and I don't even watch Project Runway.

It's something I believe I'd need a TV to understand.
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Dresses with giant chunks of text on them? I want those in human size. Preferably in something less flammable.

This is a lovely find.
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Her paper doll models actually look like they are having a great time. Their poses remind me of my friend's hilariously fashion-conscious 3-year-old, who asked me the last time I saw her, "Do you like my outfit? Do you like my shoes?"

Lovely post, thank you!
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Looks like her site was started 3 days after my birthday. I hope it goes for years. I love papercraft.

My paper dolls post. Not quite the same.
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So amazing! Added to my rss list immediately! This paper doll Mefi project is also cool (and still going strong 1.5 years later!).
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"This week's winner will be featured on an international web blog"

Shouldn't that be "web log"? or "we blog"? Come to think of it, why have I never seen it written as "'blog"?
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I laughed at the web blog thing—I thought it was an intentional backformation.
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