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Murmur. Photographs of flocking birds by Richard Barnes.
Boids. A program by Craig Reynolds modeling emergent behavior.
Swarm. A platform and wiki for agent-based modelers.
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Flipping You The Boid. An interactive flash program modeling boids.

A [ Radiohead / JavaScript / Boids / Canvas / SM2 ] mashup.
Picture drawn by boids moving to music.
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Thought-provoking. Thanks, Omie.
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Anybody interested in emergent behavior should also check out Vehicles: Experiments in Synthetic Psychology by Valentino Braitenberg. Back in print after several years of being difficult to find. There are some simulators linked from Wikipedia.
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The Boids link starts Java, if that kills anyone else's systems.
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I like flocking birds.
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One can also check out using Processing for Simulation and Artificial Life, including this sweet example: Swarm Box 3.
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Reynolds' biods are a classic work in the field of computer animation. His SIGGRAPH '87 paper is a great read. Nice to see this work is not forgotten.
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I was expecting boids and was curious what someone would want to model about them emerging from hiding places. The java critters were quite a surprise.
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Flocking awesome.
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I'd just like to point out Swarm was written by Metafilter's own nelson and a bunch of other, much smarter people. There's a lot better, more recent agent based simulation toolkits out there these days. Although Swarm is interesting as a historical footnote for being one of the very few non-NeXT based Objective C products out there.

I've still never seen something as cool as Karl Sims' locomotion evolution experiments. That work is 15 years old now; why don't we have videogames doing this in realtime?
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The Breve simulation environment has some nice flocking variations, a Brietenburg machine you can mess around with, and some Karl Sim-ish stuff as well. Also, I misread the first link as "Photographs of fucking birds by Richard Barnes."
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a lot better, more recent agent based simulation toolkits

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I have wanted for some time to apply Boids to the classroom. You know, give a few simple procedures to students and watch the cognitive flocking emerge. Still haven't quite figured it out, though.
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