The Flickr Page of the UN Refugee Agency
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The United Nations Refugee Agency has a Flickr page with nearly 3000 photos neatly sorted into over 150 sets, most often by country, though sometimes by other themes, such as photos taken by refugee children, life in a refugee camp and mixed migration. There are also news sets, sorted by month. Some of the countries featured are ones that many associate with humanitarian disasters, Timor-Leste, Iraq and The Democratic Republic of Congo, but there are also photosets from countries that few associate with refugees, Panama, Hungary and France.
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The Calais refugee camp pictured in the "France" link has been in the news today because the French authorities want to have it closed, reportedly at the request of the British government.
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That's the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, or UNHCR. The refugee agency phrase is a simplified description, not its proper name.
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The International Rescue Committee also has an interesting Flickr page, as it features photos of their resettlement activities with refugees in the United States.

Unlike UNHCR, IRC also grasps the significance of brief explanatory sidebar text. I wanted to learn more about mixed migration, but my eyes started crossing halfway through the second paragraph. Can't wait until I have time to go through the pictures by the kids, though.
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They really need to change those licenses so that we can actually use those photos.

CC, attribution plz.
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thanks for the post. The first picture I opened in "life in a refugee camp" was an image from a camp I've spent time working in. Every day, I think about the families left behind in the camp and the life they attempt to lead with so few resources. Amidst the desolation and god-awful conditions of camp life, it's amazing how much inspiration and raw strength you are shown through people's resilience and hope. I know it sounds cliche but it's so goddamn true... These camps are in no way sustainable solutions and these images do an excellent job of demonstrating that.
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takeyourmedicine: it's likely that the people in the photos are not so willing for their likeness to be used in just any creative project.
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Well, this is what they say: Picture publication: UNHCR photos may be used to promote awareness of refugee issues as long as the credit UNHCR/photographer's name runs next to the picture. UNHCR does not permit other agencies to use UNHCR pictures for campaigns or fund-raising unless we partner specifically on that project with the agency and they seek permission from us ahead of time.

I think it's more about not having other non-profits use their images for their own fundraising.
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French police close Calais refugee camp (video newsreport).
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Here's the New York Times article on the incident.
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