Journey to the Center of the Earth, indie game edition
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Journey to the Center of the Earth - or DonDon (?) is an excellent exploration-based platformer game with fabulous little pixel graphics and a solid 45 minutes or so of gameplay. Think Diet Spelunky, or La Mulana Lite. A little more info and hints at Indie Games Blog.

Sorry, Windows only (direct link). F4 for fullscreen (but it's better in 1x windowed mode)
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Needs a DLL at this link. Nice game, if you don't mind squinting. Lots of puzzles.
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The first time through I hit a bug and fell through the door to level two (but couldn't get back up). After I restarted it was much less frustrating! Fun game.
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Mod note: few comments removed - complaining three comments in that this is a windows exe is sort of poor form. MetaTalk might be a good place to have that discussion.
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Nice game. I like that you can't really take damage.
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Can I complain that this windows exe doesn't work on my windows machine?
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To save everyone the twenty seconds to figure out basic controls:

Up/down/left/right --> Use arrows
Use bomb --> 'D'
Jump --> 'X'
Show outstanding treasure locations --> 'A'
Quit game --> Esc

There's more advanced combinations, but they're revealed in-game and it'd be spoilerish to post here. Also, you can reprogram the above. I recommend it, given how often you need to mess with jumping and bombing.
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