Sugar Pie DeSanto
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Sugar Pie DeSanto says, "I like to sing blues, R&B, and pop and I think I do them pretty well".

Her R&B recordings for Chess Records - including "Soulful Dress" and her duet with Etta James "In The Basement" - can be found here. And yes, she's still got it.
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Great singing with Johnny Otis and his band! Thanks for the clip. Like a lot of older singers, though, she relies a lot on a strong vibrato component in her many slow songs, which is not particularly to my taste in songsters.
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She's great, and really underrated. But one must plug "Go Go Power - The Complete Chess Singles 1961-1965," which was issued by the always-delightful Ace Records this spring, and is the single best CD of her classic material. To quote from the label's website:

There was a CD of Sugar Pie's Chess recordings released 10 years ago, but that set comprised just 12 cuts and is now deleted. Our 24-tracker comprises all of her Chess singles, including a UK-only gem, three classic duets with Etta James and a great previously unissued track. Many of the selections have never been released outside the USA before or are reissued here for the first time ever.

Crucial stuff!
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I didn't know Metafilter knew how to do The Whoo-Pee. Thanks for the post!
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She followed up Soulful Dress with Slip-In Mules, making for her own mini-genre of fashion funk.
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"Don't you stop this song right now..."

Fuck yeah.
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No surprise, she's Filipino.
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How can you not love someone who's name is Sugar Pie Desanto? Instant favorite.

"Hey, LT - who's that you got goin' on that there iPod toDAY?"

"This right here? This right here, this is Sugar Pie Desanto!"

"Well, dog my cats!"
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Sugar Pie Desanto sounds like someone Sailor and Lula would listen to.
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never heard of her before. She's great! Thanks Joe!
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ooh, Sugar Pie Desanto! I just dragged out some old Northern Soul compilations the other day and listened to "Do I Make Myself Clear" -- great stuff! Nice post -- thanks.
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Living in the Bay Area I've seen her mentioned in the paper every now and then (sadly, most recently due to this) but I had never heard her music before. Now I am kicking myself for having missed out all these years between listening to these tracks. Dang she was hot!
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Thank you Joe Beese, I had never seen her perform, only heard her 'fashion funk' as bonefish so appropriately dubbed it. She is the get dressed for a party-Queen.
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Oh, "Do I Make Myself Clear" (a duet with Etta James) is one of the best records of all time. I saw her a few years ago at the Boom Boom Room, where she danced along the bar in a little glittery dress. She has some seriously sexy moxie.
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