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Read Between the Leading, is a podcast for those with a love of good design and typography hosted by two students from SCAD. Season two just started with an interview with brand designer, David Airey, previous episodes of RBtL include discussions on information visualization, the future of web design with Jason Santa Maria (previously), speculative work and why graphic design is serious business (previously).

So far, the show has 22 episodes, including: If that's not enough typography for you, many other new type oriented sites have cropped up the last few months, including Typedia, a new resource for anyone trying to look for background information on a typeface or type foundry. WeLoveTypography, a sort of FFFFound for type, and read about major progress in web typography and how the web is expanding beyond Arial, Georgia, and Verdana.
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Well done, thebestsophist.
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This is such a great post; I have nothing to add.
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This post was a few months in the making. I'm glad I waited since Typedia went public only a few weeks ago (be sure to check out the blog post on designing the logo by John Langdon.
For the really dedicated, other links that were left on the editing board:
  • Type Daily which is also created by John Boardley for writing the Week in Type.
  • Typoholism, a microsite created by the guys at RBtL. (Typoholism is a disorder characterized by the excessive consumption of and dependence on type.)
  • Type Radio, a podcast that interviews type designers. This one has a more traditional interview format, I feel that the conversation in the interviews are less organic than RLtB.
  • Type News, a type news aggregating system.
  • ILT's Web Trend Map of those who tweet about typography.
  • Typeface, a documentary about the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum.

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