Great photographers
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Great photographers: Clark Little (surf photography), Nick Brandt (mostly African wildlife), John Hyde (mostly wildlife and Alaska), Veronika Pinke (landscapes), Dale Allman (miscellaneous; particularly beautiful are his Australian cityscapes and the HDR/DRI photos), Ansel Adams (the undisputed master of nature photography who died in 1984; famous quotes: "You don't take a photograph, you make it.", "A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words. "), Michel Rajkovic (mostly marine landscape, exclusively in black and white). And again, as a tribute to a gifted artist who died far too early, the work of Bobby Model (adventure photographer). Last but not least: Onexposure, probably the biggest collection of quality photography on the net.
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Nick Brandt's stuff is really beautiful. I've seen his name around, but never took the time to look at this work.

I don't necessarily agree that all these guys are great, and it's a bit weird putting Adams in there, but there are photographs I like on each of their sites.

If you like surfing photography, you have to check out Brian Bielmann, profiled today on the excellent NTY Lens blog.

Onexposure's weird. There's some excellent photography on there, but it's presented so randomly. It's like Flickr's Interestingness filter if it actually worked.
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These are all great photographers. But, what do they have to do with each other and why are they in the same post?
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Onexposure FAQ here.

There are two paid memberships on Onexposure, bronze and bronze premium. With a paid membership you have the chance of becoming a silver and later a gold member. The higher your membership is, the closer to the top your name will be displayed in the list of photographers in the "Artists"-tab.

Sounds to me like just another online vanity gallery.

This site is mainly targeted at advanced amateur photographers

...the ones who still have no idea that the exposure they are paying for is worthless. Vanity galleries are a black mark on any artist's resume.
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I just started taking photos in earnest, and in some ways I find looking at stuff like this both inspiring and depressing. Inspiring because of the emotion that they can elicit, and depressing because there are no huge herds of elephants to shoot in Winnipeg.

Thanks for the post, I have some viewing to do.
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"These are all great photographers. But, what do they have to do with each other and why are they in the same post?"
Nothing and because they are all great photographers.
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I'm just saying that a random collection of links to familiar photographer's homepages and a link to a paid vanity gallery site doesn't make an interesting FPP.
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I thought it was interesting, if for nothing more than a survey of current photographer web sites. Yep, they're still mostly flash monstrosities. Except you, Dale Allman! High five. Also, that Ansel Adams guy seems to be doing it right.
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Some more Ansel Adams some folks may not have seen.
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Pretty soon they are going to have to make websites that showcase that rare breed, the non-photographer, before they become extinct.
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