"ooh, what a lovely tea party"...
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"ooh, what a lovely tea party"... I know this link will attract a ton of "Kevin Smith is an overrated hack" posts, but I was surprised it wasn't here already. The second Internet Only trailer for "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back" is up, and the server load has calmed down to the point where it can actually be downloaded. As could be expected, this will make Smith fans cheer and bounce up and down in their chairs, and Smith hatas shake their heads and look for the nearest web forum to post comments about their disgust.

Amusingly, the latter part of that paragraph is apparently a major plot point of the movie, and if you read today's "talk-backs" on AICN you'll appreciate how much fun Smith is having with it. Can't wait to see the flick, and to add to the fun it comes out on my birthday. Nootch.
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Kevin Smith knows how to cut together a trailer, and this proves it. He's aiming square at his established fans, and manages to mix familiar faces with some hysterical surprises.

Word from the Arizona test screening is that the movie tested very well among non-fanatics as well, meaning this flick could just be a big hit this summer. I'm a'hopin'!
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Man, is Jay looking pudgy or what. He's no longer that young, insouciant fellow we knew so well; just a sham man playing the part.
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Also good for a laugh is the movie poster. Check out that cast list! In any other director's hands, all those SNL and American Pie names would make me shudder. But since it's Kevin Smith, I have to say I'm intrigued.

Kevin Smith is an overrated hack.
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Finger cuffs, check. Chocolate pretzels, check. Cig, pen, pencil, Catholicism Wow sticker, rolling papers, Mooby pin, check check check check check. Anyone want to explain the salsa?
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