Shūji Terayama
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Three short films from avant-garde director Shūji Terayama -- The Cage ll Emperor Tomato Ketchup (NSFW) ll Labyrinth Tale + this 6 min. clip from Pastoral: To Die in the Country
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long version of Emperor Tomato Ketchup
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NSFW. Administrator, please hope vronsky.

Interesting stuff.

Music in the second segment of Emperor Tomato Ketchup reminds me a bit of J.A. Seazer's duel songs for Shoujo Kakumei Utena. What is it that is so damned creepy about choral music in a minor key?
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And here I was thinking this was going to be about Stereolab.
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<3 terayama syuuzi
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And here I was thinking this was going to be about Stereolab.

Yeah, I'm just getting it together to watch this with the album a la the Oz/Dark Side thing...

Not sure either piece need the added weirdness though...
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You probably meant Shōji and I don’t think ll is a way to separate links. (Perhaps you meant ¶.)
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Here is a better essay on Terayama and ETK. Here are some stills and posters.

The internet is amazing. I remember ordering Terayama (and Bunuel) films from a place in Chicago and it would take weeks to get them, and the films were on Hi-8. Now everything is just a google away.
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You know, if I signed up my kid to be in a movie and the director told me "yeah, we're going to have him playing table tennis with a bound, naked woman instead of the net" I would be all like "now hold on just a minute there dude."
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