June 23, 2001
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it's not easy being an african wine lover.
posted by quarsan (6 comments total)
I didn't even know you could get any wine in Arusha!

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I had a great time in this little part of the world when I was there. The only thing I remember being upsetting during my stay was that, having befriended a local and spent some time with him in the town, we were stopped by the police for doing so.

Apparently, he required a tourist liscence in order to be with me in public. He didn't have one and so was forced to pay a bribe to the policeman in order to avoid arrest.

Am I to assume that he had been mistaken for one of "These kids [that] have been forced to become scavengers and petty thieves"?
posted by davehat at 1:56 AM on June 23, 2001

ahhh yes, corruption is alive and well here in arusha. one local industry that thrives. i really like the arusha times, a great little paper that bravely tackles corruption and sleaze. it also has columnists like the one above, that, even written in english, are completely african.

there was a great one in last weeks paper about the state of the roads, and the author went to list all the bars he went to in order to feel ' relaxed' enough to continue driving home.
posted by quarsan at 3:11 AM on June 23, 2001

it's not easy, being an african wine lover.

it's not easy being an african, wine lover.

it's not easy being an african wine, lover.

Anyway, what's a squarter? Is that how you spell 'squatter' in Tanzania?
posted by pracowity at 6:57 AM on June 23, 2001

Working link.
posted by rodii at 8:46 AM on June 23, 2001

"Their place to be is in school, and not The House of Wine, where I try hard to concentrate in drowning my daily frustrations in life. I need to booze in peace."

Hear, hear!
posted by briank at 5:21 PM on June 23, 2001

it's not easy being.
posted by an african wine lover at 5:28 PM on June 23, 2001

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