Just let me die with my trumpet in my hand
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Common Rotation is a three-piece folk/indie band out of Los Angeles. They write you a song a day (ish), and they make documentary films. (first link autoplays music)

If you like your folk music with a side of bitter sarcasm, this one's for you.

Common Rotation has toured with They Might Be Giants, and more recently with the Indigo Girls. Prior to their recent tour, they went across the country playing living rooms due to their frustration with Clear Channel. They have made a documentary film about their "Living Room Tour" which can be viewed on their website. (Click the Documentary link.)

The band is comprised of Adam Busch (of Buffy fame), Eric Kufs (a strong singer/songwriter), and Jordan Katz.

Let Me Die With My Trumpet In My Hand
Bitter Honey (w/ Amy Ray)
Paper Planes (M.I.A. cover)
The Union Maid Fight Song
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I saw them with They Might Be Giants in 2004 (along with Corn Mo - great line-up). They had the balls to play a TMBG song in their set, which I thought was pretty funny. I remember them saying that they'd be doing a living room set in town the next night.
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It's weird how many of the baddies on Buffy and Angel have bands.
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They also play regular gigs with The Thrilling Adventure and Supernatural Suspense Hour, which is a pretty awesome combo to catch. (Disclaimer: I know the guys who write the show.)
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