Disney's Atlantis ripped from the anime movie Nadia.
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Disney's Atlantis ripped from the anime movie Nadia. Talk about role reversal (you see, a lot of anime creators style comes from trying to emulate Disney style in the early days of the genre) this site presents some interesting evidence that Disney's summer blockbuster is a complete copy of an earlier film released in 1990 in Japan.
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Hate to mention this, but...
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Ah, crap. I did a search for the link. Didn't think about seaching for the topic.

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All double-post comments aside -- no, Disney's Atlantis is not a rip. I've seen both, and they are absolutely different.

I recommend Nadia, incidentally, if it comes to a choice between the two. That said, Disney's flick does have its moments (toward the end there was one scene that sent chills up and down my spine).
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and nadia, too, was heavily influenced by yet another work: 20,000 leagues under the sea, by jules verne.
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There's a huge difference between "strikingly similar to" and "complete copy of". Of course, the page's author starts right out making sure you know that. It's like the issue of whether Glen Larson deliberately ripped off Star Wars when creating Battlestar Galactica. Sure, he had notes demonstrating the general ideas of his show going back way before Lucas even began production. But the concept, the look, the special effects all drew directly on things popularized by Star Wars. In a creative sense, it may not have been a rip-off, but it certainly was in a business sense. The only difference is that the latter is not illegal.
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someone was telling me a anime with a lion in it name Kimba that was supposed to be very similar to The Lion King and Simba.... i dunno
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sata, that is also true. kimba's a lot older, though. ('70s i think.)
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I've seen episodes of Kimba, and The Lion King is a rip-off, no buts about it. People have gotten expelled from universities for less egregious acts of plagiarism!
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Rip-off of Japanese animation? Nah, Disney wouldn't do something unethical like that...
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