Cut & Paste.
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Cut & Paste - International exhibition of contemporary collage and assemblage is showing in Stockholm, Sweden (and also, on the interwebs). See it in person now through October 10.
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I'm a big fan of good old fashioned paper & glue collage work, and I appreciate your posting this, grapefruitmoon, but I have to say, I personally find most of the pieces in the ARTWORK link rather uninspired. So many of them seem so cautiously and consciously subdued, dull. Too much beige... I'm wanting more liveliness, I guess, more whimsy. Even the *whimsical* or *Surrealist* ones that are there seem a little, well, tired. A lot of it just seems very dated to me. On the other hand, it's possible that some of the ones that aren't really grabbing me here in pixel form might speak to me in a more meaningful way in the flesh, up close and personal. Texture has a lot to do with one's perception of art, after all, and of course we lose out on that with computer screen viewing.

I do love this one, with its simple execution and intent, poking some well-deserved fun at IKEA...
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cool. thanks for posting. gfmoon.
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