June 23, 2001
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Ice cream is a popular topic here, it seems. This seems a bit rich, don't you think?
posted by davehat (24 comments total)
...it seems. This seems....

Terrible grammar, sorry!
posted by davehat at 9:58 AM on June 23, 2001

I don't know how any ice cream named Big Daddy could be perceived as low-fat...
posted by keli at 10:03 AM on June 23, 2001

Better yet, why hasn't some corporation come up with a line of fat-free fruity popsicles and named them Calista Lite?
posted by keli at 10:05 AM on June 23, 2001

Eat enough of the stuff and you can become a "Big Daddy"
posted by NJguy at 10:21 AM on June 23, 2001

Part of the "Nutrition Facts" reform of labeling was the introduction of a guideline for serving sizes. That is, you couldn't get away with a tiny little super-rich ice cream container and a "suggested serving size" of 10 per container, when 2 to 4 is more likely the way most people will eat it.

Still, as this article demonstrates, the nutrition facts are provided by the vendor, and there's only the threat of something like this to keep them honest.

I wonder if it was publicity like this that brought about the independent investigation. Good for the Sun-Sentinel.
posted by dhartung at 10:45 AM on June 23, 2001

If you like ice-cream, buy the blatantly full-fat creamy stuff and eat less of it: you'll enjoy it more. There's nothing more insidious than "fat free" versions of things such as cake and ice cream, particularly when they're stuffed full of guar gum and other heretical ingredients.

(Anyone remember the bit in Gaiman and Pratchett's Good Omens about how Famine worked for a diet food corporation.)

Better yet, why hasn't some corporation come up with a line of fat-free fruity popsicles and named them Calista Lite?

Probably because frozen coloured-sugar-water is already fat-free, rather like Coca-Cola or Life Savers ;) Though I'm sure that some smart marketing people use that on the label.
posted by holgate at 11:26 AM on June 23, 2001

You are right. Hershey's chocolate syrup also boasts about its fat-free virtues.
posted by keli at 11:46 AM on June 23, 2001

Why would you want to eat an ice cream bar named after a drag racer?
posted by machaus at 1:20 PM on June 23, 2001

and i just ate a whole carton.

nutrition labels be damned!
posted by sugarfish at 1:40 PM on June 23, 2001

[develops a virtual ice-cream headache and curses his imaginary spork]
posted by Kino at 2:56 PM on June 23, 2001

i'd rather have one pint of good, bad for you, full milk fat ice cream than this reprocessed, reduced and reformulated stuff.

with things like dioxins in the dairy products of many ice creams (and dairy products) (read:almost all), it's dangerous enough as it is. then reformulate the milk, put chemicals in it, and its just bleah now.

i eat ice cream maybe once a month, and when i do it is usually Ben & Jerry's or Hagen Daz or something of that ilk, where i know what the manufacturer is doing, and i know it is bad for me, but hey, thats why i only do it once a month. its ice cream, damn it, not my dinner. i want to enjoy it when i have it. it really isn't supposed to be a staple in a diet.

(its summer, so i might break that to 2-3 times a month though... matter of fact, now i want some ice cream.)
posted by benjh at 3:52 PM on June 23, 2001

Well put Benjh: In fact, i now suspect that you and Davehat are agents from Hagen Daz and this whole thread was dreamed up in a pokey little room in the coridoors of ice-cream power to psychologically engineered us, the frustratingly hard to hypnotize demographic, to buy even morerererrrr! [apologises to his spork and nips out to the store..]
posted by Kino at 4:18 PM on June 23, 2001

I just got back from the local B&J, where I enjoyed a full-fat, loads o' pieces, no-holds-barred Coffee Heath Bar Crunch double cone.

(angioplasty sold separately)
posted by briank at 5:11 PM on June 23, 2001

I think perhaps before we munch our next paradise filled tub of the delicious vice we soOoOo crave and enter Ice-Cream Heaven we should all spare a thought for poor old Moss, since recounting this tragic tale he hasn't been seen since!. Maybe he took matters into his own hands, went to milk a cow and had some sort of udder disaster. :/
posted by Kino at 5:41 PM on June 23, 2001

Last Sunday I made this praline semi-freddo. Serves 12, they say, but I polished it off in just three nights. Yum. Highly recommended.
posted by mw at 6:16 PM on June 23, 2001

Kino: I am not and have never been associated with the CIA, er I mean Haagen Dazs.

I prefer George and Davies' ice cream (alas, not much content on their site anymore). They am the best. They have a tiny shop in Oxford, UK and a great big bus which potters around the city in summer.

They have a flavour called Purity and Danger (Chocolate Fudge Brownie in Vanilla). To this day, I have never tasted any other ice cream quite as good as this.

(PS, there's a ton of fat in every bite)
posted by davehat at 10:05 PM on June 23, 2001

briank, you're making me jealous. I haven't been able to get coffee heath bar crunch in my local store in three years (and I've even moved in that time!). The vanilla version just don't cut it.
posted by gleuschk at 10:13 PM on June 23, 2001

Texas Ice Cream.
posted by bjgeiger at 10:27 PM on June 23, 2001

You're driving me nuts. I have never tasted richer, more flavorful ice cream than Denise's Homemade Ice Cream in Somerville, MA, which I haven't had since my college days. And had successfully avoided pining over for years... until now. It's made on the premises with fresh ingredients, of course, and is so rich that when they scoop it out, it pulls like taffy. Sigh.
posted by JParker at 11:58 PM on June 23, 2001

Wait, I found a victim.
posted by holloway at 12:58 AM on June 24, 2001

davehat: after my fruitless attempt to buy some decent strawberry ice-cream last night, I was going to post a lament that I no longer live within cycling distance of G&D's. I was always much more impressed with their fruity flavours -- the Oxford Blue(berry) and the sorbets are just sublime. Ah, happy summer days. All made on site, no nasty additives, just yum.

Oh, and Haagen-Dazs (a nasty brand of Pilsbury) tried to sue them for continuing to sell their Bailey's and Sweet Cream flavour, even though G&D's invented it. Scum.
posted by holgate at 3:59 AM on June 24, 2001

Thats incredible. I heard G&D's got in hot water with Ben & Jerry's over their artwork.

By the way, did you ever successfully petition for the G&D's guys to create a new flavour?
posted by davehat at 4:29 AM on June 24, 2001

In G&D's site they say that the atmosphere is unpretentious, yet list their address (accurately, I remember) as Little Clarendon Street.

"Unpretentious" and "Little Clarendon Street" is a bit like "Matter" and "Anti-Matter" - bring them together and the universe explodes. I hope they know what they're doing.
posted by Grangousier at 4:41 AM on June 24, 2001

Well, it's not the St Giles' Cafe, which is so unpretentious it's pretentious, full of boaties rah-rahing over egg'n'chips.

But compared to, um, the Duke of Cambridge, or the restaurants on the other side of Li'l Trendy Street, G&D's is positively greasy-spoon.

And no, I never did get Pimm's sorbet onto the menu.
posted by holgate at 6:16 AM on June 24, 2001

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