Reach out and iPod Touch someone
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There's an app for everything. Even when there shouldn't be.

Additional selected commercial parodies from creator Adam Sacks available here.
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Adam Sacks appears to be dating a stock photo.
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That makes it even creepier.
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What's a "mogel"?
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It's where grown-ups toss their taters.
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Just think of the possibilities, scarabic.
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They had some really great prices on used cars on that second link, I mean they were beaters but I like beaters.
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Sadly there's not an app to make yet another unfunny and uninteresting YouTube video into something worth watching.
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I loved "sobbing.mp3"
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Oh Adam Sacks is real. Here's aquick Q&A on how he did that parody iPhone ad that I posted when I first saw it.
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Is there an autocalling app that works with MP3s? Because that app actually looked vaguely useful.
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Luckily, if Adam Sacks' girlfriend wants to track his whereabouts in order to stay far far away, there's an app for that.
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I was totally distracted by the repeated horizontal swiping on a vertical list of cars.
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Quick impressions:
1. Pretty convincing imitation of the commercial setup, music, and VO.
2. Why do those dropdowns look like Windows dropdowns? For that matter, what iPhone apps even use dropdowns?
3. Okay, they pushed this joke past funny, through horrible and into pathetic so quickly that it sounds a little too much like the guy's working out some personal issues. Which made it horrible again.
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more apps
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Natural evolution of stock-photo dating.

Uh... She has a cardboard cutout of her actual boyfriend, who is serving in Iraq.
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What's a "mogel"?

Mogul + moyel. A moyel who's done really well for himself. The King of Kut, the Sultan of Slice, the Ayatollah of Rock And Rollah.
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Frankly, I liked his The World's Greatest Drug video better. I think I'll ask my doctor about it, after I have lunch at McDonalds.
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App jokes are the new airplane food jokes, it seems.
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