Can a woman ball a man?
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It's never easy to talk about sex. It all depends on your definition.
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For some reason I am not turned on by this at all. My cock is totally flaccid. Are there any other websites where I can have the word "sex" defined?
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Oh for God's sake, quit messing around and just put it in.
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I once read that a quick test of how good a dictionary was was to look up the words "fuck" and "internet". If it didn't have the former it was not inclusive enough and if it didn't have the latter it was not up to date. Although now there is probably a better word than "internet" for that test.
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Maybe test with "felching" and "google" (as a verb)? That ought to weed out the shrinking violets.
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Also depends on the definition of 'is.'

And yet it's so easy to fall in love.
Or at least it seems so easy. So easy.
But people tell me love's for fools.

When a man prongs a woman, he can't keep his mind on nothin else. He'd trade the world for the good thing he's found. Otherwise maybe they're just into the early New York thrash and hardcore punk scene.
'Fuck' though, is a pretty universal word in some quarters. Much like 'dude' it can express nearly any emotional or intellectual abstract or concrete concept. Tough to reflect this aspect alone comprehensively without even going into the variety of sexual connotations.
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My favourite word in the article is vaginoid. Dirty yet mystifying. Felch is pretty good too. I like words that sound like what they mean.
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WARNINGHEY KIDS! CHECK THIS SHIT OUT!: This piece contains vulgar language—lots and lots of it—that may be inappropriate for children or the faint of heart.
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from first link: Figuring out how to put sex in the dictionary... is actually one of the most challenging tasks we face.

This is prudish nonsense. I put sex in the dictionary just yesterday afternoon, and it was as easy as could be.
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My definition of sex: Giggity giggity goo! Awwwww, yeah!
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What? Munç Wang but no Quang Phuc Dong? "Fuck Communism on the sofa" is one of the finest sentences in the syntactic literature.
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Well, getting to the actual meat of the slate article, dictionaries are prescriptive when it comes to spelling and loosely descriptive of the most common meanings. The fact that dictionaries don't include face-fucking, titty-fucking, hate-fucking, pegging as fucking, the literary fucking a curtain, fuck as an interjection, or same-sex sixty-nine doesn't bother me that much. Dictionaries are always going to be at least one fuck behind on this one.
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The real meaning of irrumo is something like "to fuck (someone) in the face, esp. as a way of asserting dominance"

You don't know the meaning of irrumo, worm. But I'll teach you to suck eggs. Or something. *whip-ch!*
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Heh-heh-heh. He said "dipthong." Samuel Johnson's birthday post here recently had lots of good info, but I wish I had known he was a prude. It is included in several other dictionaries throughout the 17th and 18th centuries (though not in that of Samuel Johnson, who made a conscious decision to keep out such material)
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I don't see a goddamn thing in there about taters.
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As a veteran of several Wikipedia Articles for deletion debates, I can definitely say that sex-related articles often come in for a sneering condescension, as if "serious" encyclopedias wouldn't deal with such filth.

Fortunately, the core policy at Wikipedia is Verifiability, and as long as your sources are print, you can get away with a lot.
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My favourite word in the article is vaginoid.

I, for one, welcome our new vaginoid overlords.
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When I was a child, the kids in my neighborhood determined that "Motherfucking-titty-sucking-goddamn-asshole-loving-shit" was the dirtiest thing you could ever say. It took me until high school to realize that "Stump fuck Jesus in his holy gut wound" got more dirty looks.
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