R.I.P. Mercedes Sosa
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Mercedes Sosa, a beloved Argentinian folk singer, passed away today. Argentine President Cristina Kirchner has ordered an official period of mourning.

Known as the "voice of the voiceless ones" and affectionately as "La Negra", her music was deeply political. Over the course of her career, she produced over 70 albums and helped to popularize Nueva Canción (previously on Metafilter), a movement in Latin American music that combines folk music with contemporary influences and political lyrics.
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Hers is the sort of music where you don't need to understand the language to understand what the song is about. Truly one of the greats. Time for me to go spin some Sosa disks.
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oh what a damn shame, I love her music. A towering figure in Argentine culture. Damn damn damn.

Gracias ala Vida, indeed.

Gracias a la Vida que me ha dado tanto
me dio dos luceros que cuando los abro
perfecto distingo lo negro del blanco
y en el alto cielo su fondo estrellado
y en las multitudes el hombre que yo amo

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Aww. She was wonderful.
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Duerme negrito.
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I first heard about Mercedes Sosa through Holly Near, and specifically their song They Dance Alone, which is still one of my favorites.

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I always thought her delivery on Maria, Maria makes it one badass song.
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Yeah, and when she does La Maza it gives me chills. What a formidable voice and presence.
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