I'm eating up a baby bumblebee
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Insects, spiders and other arthropods by Kimberly Hosey, co-starring her young son David.

My favorite- it almost looks like a little puppy (to my creative mind)!
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That klids good with bugs. I'd be all "Gentle! One finger touch! One finger touch! ...aw crap" or "DON'T EAT IT" - though that's with a 3 year old, possibly he is a little older.
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Thanks for this. What a wonderful find.

Her pictures are colorful and fun, (what great closeups!) and I'm enjoying the entries on her blog, too.

Growing up I spent quite a bit of time in Amarillo, TX, where the sky extends from horizon to horizon, rather than being blocked on all sides by buildings, power lines, train trestles and tall trees. It's very different from my current home in NYC. This photo essay reminded me of lazy afternoons spent on my back in the backyard as a kid, staring up at the sky and watching the world fly by. :)
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The five-year-old takes better pictures than I do.
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These macros are so much better than lolcat macros.
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Her post about the trials of raising an adventurous son is really beautiful:

"Here is my struggle: How do I raise a son who grows up taking chances, holding the cricket, going nose-to-nose with the python, climbing the tree -- but who also, well, grows up? As in, remains alive? How do I raise a human being to live, and also to live? How do I not go crazy balancing the two? I can't make him care about the world while telling him to run in the opposite direction."
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Outside my window, it's totally gross - cold, rainy, windy, and foggy. Thank you for bringing some colour to my day.
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The five-year-old takes better pictures than I do most people who take pictures.
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Actually, I'm eating a bumblebee.
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OMG, good call, zarq.

"This is the reason I never really got Wordsworth's 'I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud,' which is otherwise a lovely meditation. I got stuck at 'cloud' and pictured one of these. Never mind the daffodils -- what, I wondered, could be lonely about a robust, lively, conglomerated force like this? I'd love to be a droplet in a cumulus. I'd never, ever be lonely."
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I really like the Inspection photo, there's something about the all the delicacy involved that I find charming.
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Oh thank you for this post. Dragons and damsels, oh my! My favorites.
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