Beating Swords into Plowshares, Micronesian-Style
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The Pacific theatre of World War 2 left many traces behind. The shipwrecks of Chuuk Lagoon are probably the most famous, but they're hardly the primary reminders of former military action present in the day-to-day lives of many Micronesians.

Besides the many large-scale remains of the war, such as abandoned airfields Quonset huts, and abandoned bunkers, many Micronesians live with recycled WW2 materials of a smaller kind.

Marsden Matting is one of the most commonly seen pieces of WW2 materiel, and Marsden airstrips still exist. The materials have also found new life as walkways, construction materials, and, most often, as fencing (2).

In the Marshall islands, Japanese military rice cookers have been turned into water catchments, and 127 mm ammunition boxes have been repurposed as water catchments, storage lockers, and copra driers.

The scavenging of airplane parts is perhaps the zenith of Pacific war recycling. B-24s, in particular, presented a wealth of parts that found new peacetime purposes, such oxygen cylinders, propellors, and fuselage pieces. Even after the war, the US military was leaving behind items that the local people found useful: drop tanks from F-86s.

For even more photos and text about Micronesian military recycling, check out this PDF (note: 7 MB).
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A fascinating subject, barnacles, thank you.
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Great post!
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I have been educated and informed and I thank you for it barnacles. But get off the bottom of my boat.
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I graduated from high school on Kwajalein Island, in the Marshalls. There was all kinds of stuff in the lagoon, occasionally pieces of plans or ships would wash up on shore. There was an intact Japanese bunker too.
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Cool! This is a great post. From the Marsden Matting link, I found an amazing Wikipedia article on the Berlin Blockade. So, this comment is pretty unrelated, but you satisfied my Cold War knowledge quota for today. And I thank you for that, sir.
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Yeah, this is good stuff. A lot of the re-use stuff reminds me of the Afrigadget blog.
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I used to live on Milli, in the Marshall Islands. Former home of a Japanese air strip, there were a couple of gutted Zeros, many bunkers, anti-aircraft guns, huge old shell casings, etc.
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thank you ffor this lovely post and the wonderful Marshalls link, i'd link to another blog on "RE culture" (reuse, repurpose, recycle, repair etc) inspired by Erik's AFrigadget but it breaks a rule ;p
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Post it, infini. The Rule only applies in posts, not comments.
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great post, thanks.
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Terrific post!
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REculture: A post consumption economy
Repair, reuse, repurpose, recycle ~ exploring the informal businesses at the BoP
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