Heeeeeeeeere's Jacey
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Jace Clayton, better known as DJ /Rupture (previously on mefi), interviewed last month for the avclub. He discusses his use of Colombian cumbia music, collaborating with Dutch guitarist Andy Moor of The Ex, and a concept record with his Spanish electro-string quartet Nettle. The concept? Stephen King's The Shining transported to an abandoned luxury hotel in Dubai.
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Cool. I love the Ex.
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Jace Clayton's radio show on WFMU is reliably fantastic.

He also did a nice art project last year (two years ago, maybe?) where he distributed CD-ROMs containing MP3s of all the music that he's ever released commercially stripped of all their metadata: a nice exercise in getting to the bottom of what we really appreciate about music now.
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This thread is INFINITELY better than that other recent thread about violin and djs. Rupture is great.
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Rupture's awesome and his mixes have dominated my music listening for months at a time. Was lucky enough to see him twice so far, once with Kid606 and once with the Ex (who have been favorites for, geez, almost 20 years, and who I think it's some coincidence are all tied in with Mr Clayton).

If you like hip hop, "world music," musique concrete, or noise, and you don't know Rupture, then your store could use some fixin'. Here's a link to archives of his WFMU show; there's a nice version of his Minesweeper Suite mix a couple months back.
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Mefi is in my head again. I was working today on my review of Rupture's fantastic duo with Andy Moor ("Patches") for the Squid's Ear, and here this shows up. Thanks for synchronicity!
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You're Peter Gabriel. You've always been Peter Gabriel.
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I listen to rupture's WFMU show religiously - time well spent.
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Love that guy. Remember catching him at subtonic (below tonic @ 107 norfolk st, RIP), great live DJ. I have 2 of his releases, low-income tommorowland and... minesweeper suite. Both are really good. And, of course his wfmu show is radical.
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Also, nettle is grand and the agriculture (who put out nettle's first 12") is now putting out a collab between rupture and matt shadetek that ... for some reason isn't mentioned in the avclub article. The Agriculture is a label started by dj Olive... lot's of good stuff there.
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I do believe that his Gold Teeth Thief mix is up for download on negrophonic.com - it is, as the kids say, bangin'.
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