Four Coming Out Greeting Cards
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"This is for the guy who needed a card to come out to his parents." (Youtube) David Ellis Dickerson draws on his previous job as a Hallmark greeting card writer to create funny, poignant cards for people with unconventional greeting card emergencies (but he won't do cards aimed at making people feel bad).

Other videos on how he comes up with cards for awkward elephant-in-the-room situations: "Sorry I broke your toilet," and "9/11 Birthdays."
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This would probably work a lot better if he took himself out of it and just did a website with the cards themselves.
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It's good to see Jeff Goldblum branching out.
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This would probably work a lot better if he took himself out of it and just did a website with the cards themselves.

Oh, no. Wrong. He is a delight, as are his cards. Thanks for this post!
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I like it. I enjoy seeing the person behind the work, and what his thought processes are. I wish he had videos for the (I assume fictional) situations in the opening bit. Those are tough lines to walk.
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Wow, I love this guy now! Thanks for the post!! And those cards are terrific!
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It is so totally worth it to watch that first video all the way to the end. I got just a tiny bit choked up, and had to follow with an "aaawwwwwwww" to nobody in the room. So sweet.
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Okay, the end of the Coming Out Day post made me weep helplessly at my computer. What a great person. I will have to watch more of his postings when I have collected myself.
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[...]My life up to this point had taught me two things: (1) All jobs are agonizingly, intolerably boring except the job of writing (either stories or puzzles); and (2) It's impossible to make money writing stories or puzzles. [...]

But even in writing stories for money, the way I was told to go about it was to submit to small nonpaying literary magazines, then get enough published that you could get a story collection with a small press, and then — on the basis of that or of whatever small-press novel came next — get a teaching job at some obscure college no one much cared for. [...]

This lines up with what I've noticed from writing classes, and I find the prospect as horrifying as he does. Meanwhile Stephanie Meyer and Christopher Paolini somehow shortcut right to the top. Man, Mephistopheles must be busy these days.
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i approve of the man and his cards, but i am tired of playing mine close to my chest; i should move to nyc and inform npr or the grey lady about my hobbies.
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Utterly, utterly charming.
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Great post! I'm glad I wasn't the only one sniffling at the Coming Out Day bit.
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I like this guy.
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My computer has crashed twice on the 9/11 birthday one, right after he names all the celebrities. Weird.
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Whoa, crazy, I know this guy from The Moth (see here, also) and he actually lives right next door to my girlfriend. He's a really nice guy, very charming, funny, and hands-down one of the strangest people I've ever met in my life. That's not necessarily a bad thing ...

You can see him telling a story on a stage here. -- part 2 here.
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This is wonderful. He is wonderful. I'm going to go get his book now.
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Outside: Congratulations on being awesome!
Inside: You just made the world a better place, and I thank you for it.
Signed, Horace Rumpole
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Eventually everyone will be forced to speak at The Moth.

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"on the other hand, if you're straight-seeming, you know, like portia derossi or [garbled] or Ted Haggard..."

oh you are just the best.
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I believe he said Jon Kyl. I wasn't aware that he was a suspected closet-case conservative, so I wonder if he meant Larry Craig.
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The Coming Out Day video was very sweet. I teared up too. It gives me hope for other evangelicals...
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I really love the 9/11 birthday one - I watched that one first, and then sent it to my best friend, as her birthday is indeed September 11.

Great stuff. Ecards are plenty cute, but I still do love real cards and spend an inordinate amount of time choosing them for people. This guy is awesome.
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Here's a short from an employee at Shoebox in the style of retro cartoons.

I was expecting this to be really cynical and snarky, despite the promise he doesn't make mean cards, but I was really touched by his choice of words for the 9/11 cards. Even though people make fun of the greeting card industry all the time, it is an interesting task to come up with cards that have the right message for so many people at once.
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There really do need to be "sorry I broke your toilet" cards. Not that I ever ever needed one or anything.
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So you're telling us you're a good countess?
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I am right along with all the teary-eyed people after watching the National Coming Out Day video. I think he's awesome. Great post.
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I was all set to not like this and be a cynical jerk. And I am happy to be wrong... this is great.
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lovely. i find myself possessed of a powerful urge to come out to my parents/best friends/homophobic acquaintances, despite being straight
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This was lovely. He's kind and witty. It's easy to be snarky or cynical but he's generous in situations that are awkward and/or painful. More people should act generously.
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This was nice to see, and I agree with everyone above who got choked up at the end of his Coming Out Day episode. It's really great to see someone deal with things positively and I love that he got choked up too.
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I love him. And I don't even like greeting cards.
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Can anyone tell me how to send him a greeting card question? I have a semi-friend who just went into hospice and, uh, don't know what to say.

Also - he's apparently tried to join Metafilter today, according to Twitter entries on his site, but was having problems with PayPal or something.
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I'm a little surprised he's not already a member. He, um, looks like one, talks like one, writes cheesy rhyming verse like one. And I don't mean exclusively, specifically lore, but yeah, check two or three boxes there.
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Cool stuff, I like how he shows his thought processes in creating the cards.
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Can anyone tell me how to send him a greeting card question?

He's got a big Write Me thingie midway down his home page.
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Oh yeah, I see it now. Sometimes I don't see anything but text...
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This post has made my day slightly more pleasant.
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neet-o! The sentimental turn (not necessarily in a bad way) near the end was totally unexpected.

By the way, I thought of an extension the third card, which says "but still like this:" and is followed by some hard-core man-on-man pr0n. I don't know if that would necessarily make the coming out any easier to swallow (HA), but at least there would be no lack of clarity.
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Hi, everyone! I'm the guy who made the videos, and I just want to thank whoever created this original post. (I'm new so I can't make posts of my own yet.)

I'm really really happy that so many people like the video(s). I try to make them funny but positive. For what it's worth, I'm planning two new ones to arrive very shortly--one more serious about a friend going to Afghanistan, and one that's pure humor, with all zombie-themed cards just for Halloween.

So since I'm getting actual feedback on this forum, I thought I should ask you to keep an eye out for the next two and let me know what you did or didn't enjoy. And I'd also like to know about how often you think you could handle new episodes coming out. I could do a new one every day, but I don't want to overburden folks' attentions.

Thanks again for this forum. I'm brand new at this and still learning, but I'm thrilled to have made people a little happier.

--David Ellis Dickerson
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I could certainly handle more updates a few times a week - I have trouble following things every day, but if you were up to set days per week (i.e., every Monday and Friday), I'd definitely follow.

Thanks so much for commenting! Like I said upthread, I love sending real physical cards to people and your suggestions are totally, totally awesome. You certainly have made my day a little more pleasant.
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Welcome to Metafilter, Wordboydave! Thanks for joining up.

There were some contentious threads here last week that were still affecting my mood yesterday morning, only I didn't realize it until I saw your Coming Out Cards video because, man, the lift of the heart I got from watching that, whoosh! Funny, elegantly worded, and most importantly, it really helps make many people's lives better in meaningful ways.

2nding grapefruitmoon re frequency of updates.

I hope you'll consider hanging out at Metafilter and commenting occasionally. There's no shortage of mean-spirited types here as in every community, but overall I think they're usually balanced out by those who prioritize civility and thoughtful exchanges of ideas.
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Looking forward to having your kindness and positivity around here. Welcome!
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Congratulations on making me think of Hallmark greeting card writers as human beings.
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Okay. I just posted the next video at my site: Feedback would be appreciated. I have another one planned for Monday that's a whole lot sillier, just to see how much silliness the Web can stand.
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New video is definitely awesome. I really liked seeing the point of view of the card recipient. Great stuff.
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