October is American Archives Month!
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October is American Archives Month. From Alabama [pdf] to Wyoming, New England to the Rocky Mountains and points in between, archival repositories across the United States will celebrate by offering workshops, open houses, and behind the scenes tours. Pretty complete list here.

If one these repositories is near you, things like this are a good chance to go see some of the unique things they have. Local and state archives usually aren't set up for browsing, this is a good time to do it.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for some archives humor.
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I love archives month! I think it's interesting how, to many people, archiving is almost a complete mystery, and yet almost every day I hear or read a mention in national media about something found or used that was in an archive.

As an archivist, I'm sure I'm biased, but I think that archiving is a very valuable and under-appreciated profession, and I think archives month is a good way to let more people know about what we do.
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My archives prof is extremely excited about it all.
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Nothing at all close to me.
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Thanks for posting this! I'm an ARMA member and I had no idea at all! I salute the archivists of America!
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Yes! The archivists save the stuff the ARMA folks don't throw away. I'm more in records management now, but still get do some archivist stuff too.

And what elder18 said.
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This is a plot by the archivists to divert attention from breast cancer awareness.
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I'm currently in the midst of a big ass archiving project at work (aka we are going to dump 200+ boxes of blueprints and give you a 1930s engineer's office record to work from). Yay for archives. I may have to check some of these out.
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I'm always looking for some quotes to add to the company's bugzilla quip system. That Archives Humor page is perfect.
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