What compelled you to use adorable characters to explore Bush-era fears?
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Yellow Cake, a geopolitical fable by animator Nick Cross. Main link includes interview - "There was a lot of talk about 'yellow cake' uranium being sold in ominous tones, but I always thought of yellow cake as being a delicious dessert treat."
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Yellow Cake!
It's a dessert treat! It's a WMD! It's a floor wax! It makes julienne fries (out of innocent bystanders)!
It's Yellow Cake!
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Don't drop that!
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I'm glad I'm not alone. The term 'yellow cake' always brought this to mind for me.
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By the way, the cartoon is great.
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Nick has a great classic look to his cartoons, but he doesn't seem to be locked into the convention that many of the other Spumco alums are. I love his backgrounds.
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This was so fucking charming I could spit.
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Most excellent.
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Yes, very good. Thanks.
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It gets pretty good towards the end. I love that transfer cel look.
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did somebody mention cake?
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hmm - just noticed that link don't work no more - they changed the URL for the page, which is now here - http://www.slowdecade.com/reporting/2009/10/6/art-brute-no-2-yellow-cake.html

here's the direct-to-vimeo link - http://vimeo.com/6898451
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sorry - here it is with the interview (slowdecade.com) and here's the direct link. (vimeo.com)
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Thanks, I've now had my daily allowance of irony.
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"Don't drop that!"

I know, man, I know. Why you think I got it wrapped in this special CIA napkin?
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Ted Maul reports.
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