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Dash and Bella is a blog about cooking with your kids. Its lovely and mouth watering.
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Oh, cooking with your kids. Never mind.
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I think Mum is a bit of a shouter.
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I quite enjoy this, thanks.
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But I don't have kids. How will she cook with them?
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This is a great find, thanks. I have 2 and 5 year olds, and as the family cook, am always looking for non-catastrophic ways to keep them involved. Unlike yesterday, for example, ending with broken pottery and a snarling cat.
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This has a more than a whiff of Stuff White People Like about it - and there's a bit too much smug middle class wankery for me.

Disclaimer: of course, I'm a smug middle class wanker myself, I have a cute, precious child and I love cooking. But if there's one thing smug middle class wankers enjoy more than teaching five year olds about organic truffles, it's loathing other smug middle class wankers.
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What the hell is this?

About half way down. So damn yummy looking. Am reading now.
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I like this. It's a little bit smug and middle class, but the lessons scattered through each recipe write-up strike me as all too real ("I can finally sit down and read the details of the recipes. Holy shit. I discover that I did this reading of the details thing about 5 hours too late. LESSON FIVE: READ, READ AGAIN AND THEN READ FOR A THIRD TIME EVERY JULIA CHILD RECIPE BEFORE YOU START COOKING. LESSON SIX: DON'T IGNORE THE WORD VARIATION PRINTED DIRECTLY ABOVE A RECIPE. INSTEAD, REFER BACK TO THE MASTER RECIPE AND THEN READ THE VARIATION. Now I see why the recipe seemed so simple. I was only reading the variation. I have skipped about 10 steps. ") and there's a nice line in not-taking-oneself-too-seriously.
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How to Cook For People.
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I love kids, but I could never finish a whole one.
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Yeah, I definitely misread that as "Dash and Bella is a blog about cooking your kids."
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Reminds me of a friends' blog, Hide the Cheese, in that it both delights me with fresh ideas for healthy family cooking, and makes me wonder why I don't slow down and incorporate more variety and beauty in my meals.
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