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The OER Commons exists to help educators "find free-to-use teaching and learning content from around the world." Thousands of primary, secondary and post-secondary activities, labs, lecture notes, assignments and other educational materials are available by searching or browsing the OER site.
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Wow, as an educator, thank you. I've just started to skim this site, but it really looks like best of the web type stuff.
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Looks pretty awesome.
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I just looked at the site, but I can't figure out how to drill down to more specific subject areas below social sciences or humanities. How do I find stuff in my specific discipline?
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Nice... this manuscript database will be useful for me. Thanks.
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I have to plug our research group's LeMill here (I am a developer there). Teachers creating OERs for teachers. It is big in Georgia and Estonia! (Switch language to et or ka to see their content.)

The problem I see with OER Commons is, that those who could most benefit from free educational resources do not use english for their primary/secondary education. We are trying to pull the bar down for participating in collaborative creation of OERs, as smaller languages cannot get as powerful syndication effect as OER Commons has, so please excuse some low quality content. Georgian writing is pretty anyway, even when I don't have the faintest idea what they are saying.
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OER Toolkit from UNESCO seems apropos.
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