Predator Appreciation Month
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That's only one syllable off from my new favorite haiku.
posted by carsonb at 8:44 AM on October 17, 2009 [2 favorites]

Damn, but that is one smugly upper-crust monkey family.

metafilter: a scrotum that’s a tasteful shade of blue
posted by argh at 10:45 AM on October 17, 2009

These are really interesting articles - I think the post could have benefited from a little more explanation, though. A great post nonetheless!
posted by Dmenet at 11:21 AM on October 17, 2009

I like the humble bee, so named because it hummed, becoming the bumble bee because it buzzed: M.E. bombeln "to boom, buzz."
posted by Obscure Reference at 11:31 AM on October 17, 2009

Really enjoyable nature writing - thanks for the post!
posted by codacorolla at 12:44 PM on October 17, 2009

These are wonderful articles, thanks for the find!
posted by JHarris at 1:04 PM on October 17, 2009

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