June 25, 2001
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Cool little site about the real doings of the mob in America today. I love the affected-but-oh-so-hard-boiled writing style. Updated weekly. My only gripe, a very tiny one, is that there's not enough dope on Asian mobsters. Otherwise, pretty neato.
posted by Bixby23 (4 comments total)
I think there should be more about Inca mobsters.
posted by rodii at 9:38 PM on June 25, 2001

Have you checked out wmob?
posted by rdr at 10:49 PM on June 25, 2001

a link that works... preview, preview, preview,
posted by fooljay at 2:38 AM on June 26, 2001

Here's another one, and today's headline is about the history of the Chinese Tongs in New York. Enjoy!
posted by whuppy at 6:57 AM on June 26, 2001

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