The Struggle For the Soul of Islam
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For anyone looking for an introduction to the Qu'ran and the interpretation thereof, this book may be of interest. It is required reading in the Harvard Religion department for all introductory Islam courses.
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More online works about Islam... The The Skeptics Annotated Quran quotes the primary document and is more than willing to give a thumbs up to the good stuff. The Religion of Peace describes itself as "the politically incorrect truth about Islam, the 'Religion of Peace' (and terror)." Jihad Watch says of itself: "Weblog about jihad theology and ideology, correcting popular misconceptions about Islam." Wikipedia chimes in, as neutral as it is at any particular moment. Religious Tolerance usually does a good job of tolerating religions, including Islam.
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You're seriously linking to an anti-theist annotation of the Qu'ran and two extremist neoconservative blogs to help MetaFilter users "understand" Islam? Why don't I just give up all hope for humanity right now? What an ugly century this is going to be.
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This post need more of an elucidation before the [more inside] jump.
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