Christ, what a critter.
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With Halloween on the horizon, the Book Bench announces Critterati, a contest for all animals who ever wished they could be Wishbone. It’s simple: Take a picture of your pet—dog, cat, ferret, iguana, or any other nonhuman member of the animal kingdom—dressed as a character from literature, and upload it to by October 25th.*
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This post was deleted for the following reason: sweetie, sorry when I sent you this I didn't mention that I was the judge. ack! xo! -- jessamyn

I mean, Turt(le) Vonnegut? Come on.
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That vibration you feel is Harold Ross spinning in his grave.
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Metafilter's own JESSAMYN is on the judging panel!!
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Isn't MetaFilter's Own™ jessamyn a judge in this?
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Whoops, yeah, MY BAD -- didn't know Jess was on the panel of judges! I made a boo boo.

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I like Weedon Scott.
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and please don't ban me kthxbai!
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