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Scripophily is the misunderstood love of owning stocks and bonds that shouldn't be worth anything anymore. So why not make a business out of it? I'm just glad to see that e-toys is doing good once again.
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When dad's Warren Buffett fantasy steps up a rung into something worrisome, now you have gifts.
posted by dong_resin at 6:24 AM on June 26, 2001

I'm just glad to see that e-toys is doing good once again.

doing well. I don't think e-toys was ever doing good.

(Frau taught me at least one thing.)
posted by dagnyscott at 6:52 AM on June 26, 2001

Although, I guess that could have helped...
posted by samsara at 7:35 AM on June 26, 2001

Hey, is it still possible to get the actual paper certificates of stocks that you might own? LIke if I bought 100 shares of Motorola right now, could I somehow get the actual physical papers?
posted by donkeymon at 11:03 AM on June 26, 2001

yes of course you can. I think they are called transfer agents. Ask your broker to either 1) get the certificates for you or 2) tell you who the transfer agent is and call directly.. transfer agents have customer service desks setup normally for wholesale operations to brokerages .. I got a single share of stock.. it was a MAJOR PITA took months of calling cause they dont like to do it .. Im more proud of figuring out how to get it then actually owning it.. the company was bought and de-listed so I wonder if it still has value. It now hangs on my wall.
posted by stbalbach at 5:11 PM on June 26, 2001

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