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CARLOS JIMÉNEZ CAHUA : "This young Peruvian photographer, now based in New York, returned to Lima to document the city’s unchecked sprawl into the desert, where flimsy plywood houses huddle together, as if for warmth. Jiménez Cahua takes the long view, typically framing broad landscape vistas from an omniscient, elevated perspective, so teeming neighborhoods appear unpopulated, toy-like." NYer (alt view)
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We took a bus through there on the way to Pisco. That's what I remember it being like... bleak, barren, waterless and terrifying.

One thing I don't think these photos show is the writing on mountainsides... I think they do it the same way as the Nazca lines, by moving rocks to expose lighter soil.

I couldn't tell if these were apartments or tombs for a minute, until I noticed a man for scale. They have rebar sticking up from the top, like so much of the architecture in Peru - planning to build higher later.
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Yeah, I also remember seeing this landscape on a bus on my way from Lima to Pisco. Definitely one of the strangest, seemingly most inhospitable places to live. Beautiful photographs.
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When I read this "unchecked sprawl into the desert," I thought "he can't mean that literally." I was wrong.
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I remember seeing this place in my nightmares.
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What a bleak existence. I did like the sculpture with the uprooted tree...seems to fit, somehow.
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His work is beautiful. I love how the buildings look sprinkled onto the desert, it's very disorienting at first.

So much great photography posts here lately!
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It looks the future.
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like the future
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It's not very often that an artist statement really improves photographs. Be sure to read it.
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Great post, thanks.
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I agree Devil Tesla. The last sentence is perfect -- "In the US, and in most places, I feel like I am in a city, region, or nation—those intangible creations of people. But in Lima, I felt not like I was in a city, in Peru, or even South America, but atop the Earth herself."

I love Peru :)
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