"The original Port Huron Statement . . . Not the compromised second draft."
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The Sixties Project - The Sixties Project began as a collective of humanities scholars working together on the Internet to use electronic resources to provide routes of collaboration and make available primary and secondary sources for researchers, students, teachers, writers and librarians interested in the Sixties.

From The Sixties Project:

*Special Exhibitions (incl. Sixties buttons and political posters)
*Winter Soldier Investigation (wiki)
*Articles (published in the Viet Nam Generation Journal, 1988-1996)
*Fiction and personal narratives
*Primary sources: incl - Port Huron Statement (wiki), and John Kerry's 1971 statement to the Senate Committee of Foreign Relations
*Other resources

Other interesting Vietnam links:

*Texas Tech University: The Vietnam Center and Archive (Oral History Project: Interviews, search (some material excluded because of copyright))
*University of South Florida: The Vietnam War: Oral Histories (videos)
*Brown University: The Whole World Was Watching - An Oral History of 1968
*Rutgers University: Oral History interviews (site contains materials from other conflicts too)
*Georgia Tech: Vietnam War Resources (this is a pretty astounding compilation)
*Mount Holyoke College: Documents relating to American Foreign Policy in Vietnam
*Los Angeles Times: Vietnam - The War Crime Files (wiki)
*PBS: "Battlefield: Vietnam", American Experience: Vietnam Online (online companion to "Vietnam: A Television History")

And a general 60s site called "The Psychedelic 60s" from the University of Virginia.

There really are an abundance of great links on Vietnam and the 1960s, this is just a sampling of some that I enjoy.
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The clock has struck.
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Somehow missed: previously sort of
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This is not exactly new as this site has been linked to any number of times over the years.
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I mean, no one has done a Wikipedia post as far as I can recall. Same difference to my eyes.
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The Sixties, eh? I heard about them from that show Mad Men.
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"What's New at the Sixties Project?"

Nothing since 3/5/99...
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Does anyone have any links for what was going on in Europe in the sixties? When I studied abroad one of my professors mentioned that students took over and shut down the university system in Germany, but I've never followed up on that.
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Dammit, another Mad Men post!
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Well, it is a well crafted post.

PS. Jefficator: Google is your friend. See also.
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