Love and Hate. Always a Heart.
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A Heart a Day — Freelance illustrator Thomas Fuchs manages to include a heart in his daily drawings.
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I count more than one heart in some of these.
posted by Eideteker at 6:10 AM on October 26, 2009

I <3 this.
posted by grapefruitmoon at 6:47 AM on October 26, 2009

posted by device55 at 6:59 AM on October 26, 2009

These are really good. Would be cooler with a Creative Commons license, but I support his right to release them however he likes.

I liked the clever titles.
posted by cjorgensen at 7:07 AM on October 26, 2009

A little uneven, but some of these are great. The toaster one is the most clever, IMO
posted by rottytooth at 9:34 AM on October 26, 2009

For people who find Skull A Day too dark. Thanks, netbros.
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These are neat. I especially liked "Trial Separation," "Its Work," and "Hot Chick."
posted by applemeat at 11:03 AM on October 26, 2009

This is very cool! I like "Swalloved". Also, Thomas Fuchs? That's quite the name he has there.
posted by emperor.seamus at 2:37 AM on October 27, 2009

Oh these are just wonderful!
posted by lazaruslong at 8:16 AM on October 27, 2009

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