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In 1666 Willem Van de Velde, the Elder made a pen and ink drawing of the Council of War held on the eve of what was to be known as the four-day battle during the Second Anglo-Dutch War.
Maarten Platje brings it new life ( Click Paintings to enlarge).
The news of the Dutch gathering is briefly mentioned by Pepys ” … some sudden newes of the Dutch being come out”.
It is considered that Willem Van de Velde, the Elder, and his son, Willem Van de Velde, the Younger provide the one accurate record of Seventeenth Century warships, from mid-century on.
More than you ever want to know about the Anglo Dutch wars; and Related
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One of those posts that makes me angry I have to work for a living, instead of browsing these works of art and historical links. Thanks!
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When it comes to water, don't mess with the Dutch.
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Well, until the British figured out how to design their own ships - The Dutch had to design ships with very shallow drafts to sail into the very shallow Dutch waterways and ports, and these were outgunned and outmaneuvered by big, quick ships with deep drafts, designed to sail in and out of English deep-water ports. They couldn't attack the Netherlands directly, but they could dismantle and co-opt the Dutch international trade empire.
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We did fine in the first Anglo-Dutch War; quite obviously by restoring the monarchy we'd lost the favour of the Lord our God and He showed his displeasure mightily in the fateful year 1666. You'd never have had the shame of the raid on the Medway under Old Noll. Still, not so long until the rampjaar when it all went a bit tits up for the United Provinces, so all a bit sic transit, innit.
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Dank u wel.
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More than you ever want to know about the Anglo Dutch wars

Boy and how...
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The devil shits Dutchmen. - Pepys (paraphrase)
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Boy and how...

I could never understand this knee-jerk aversion to history. This is exciting stuff!
Berkeley challenged the Dutch sea soldiers, shouting: You dogs, you rogues, have you the heart, so press on board! but was fatally wounded in the throat by a musket ball, after which the Swiftsure was captured. In the powder room the constable was found with his throat cut; he had tried to blow up the ship but his own crew killed him first and drenched the powder, claiming afterwards the man had cut his own throat from pure frustration.
…and that's just from the first page of the Wiki article on the battle. If you saw a movie with that scene in it you'd chalk it up to excessive maudlin on the part of the director. People really lived these lives.
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