What do flaky scalps, skunks, and dead polo ponies have in common?
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Chemistry in its Element - a weekly podcast from the Royal Society of Chemistry offering an engagingly-narrated stroll through the periodic table, element by element.
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posted by Jofus at 8:07 AM on October 29, 2009

Niels Bohr would approve.
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I'm having trouble getting anything to play and yet I am SUPER EXCITED and it's causing me stress. I assume it's working for everyone else?
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@: It requires QuickTime for the streams. You will have to install the plugin, which is shitty, because the QT plug in generally tries to take over all multimedia in your browser. I use a different browser for the whorish stuff.
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Woot!!! Chemistry!!! Thank you for satisfying my nerd needs for the day.
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Is there any way to *subscribe* to it?
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Similarly, the Periodic Table of Videos (Previously) offers an engaging stroll through the periodic table with explosions.
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The audio is just mp3 files, nothing fancy or proprietary. Here's a quick and dirty list of direct links to the audio files, if it helps; you should be able to download them or listen with virtually any browser plugin. But the RSC site has nice transcripts of all of them, too.
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Thanks, clarknova and Wolfdog. Most likely an issue with my Java seeing as I can't even get the transcripts to work.

Anyway, awesome post!
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That's not a podcast (in that it doesn't have a feed with enclosures), but it's still entertaining.

Thanks, Wolfdog, for the links.
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This kind of presentation highlights the future of learning. It's getting so one can learn anything at any level of detail. I wonder, do universities even bother with things like professors giving live lectures any more? This chemist thanks you very much for this post!
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Is there any way to *subscribe* to it?

It's available in the iTunes store.
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Let me know when there's a podcast for the nuclides.
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Thanks futility -- that's excellent. Subscribed.

So they do publish a feed. Why on earth don't they link to it? Chemists are weird.
posted by We had a deal, Kyle at 10:59 PM on October 30, 2009

I've always loved all aspects of science except chemistry. Having listened to a number of these now that attitude is certainly changing. This is great, thanks a lot Wolfdog!
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